How to deal with Chatty Cathys!


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So as I’m going home from shopping this morning on my bus, a fellow female passenger will not stop chatting to me until I’ve said back to her : “please, I don’t wanna chat” without turning aggressive or blaming her which is a communication and socializing technique I’ve seen in therapy yesterday afternoon. Next time you’re dealing with a Chatty Cathy, just respond with : “please stop chatting with me, thanks very much, have a nice day, bye”. That ought to shut them up instantly because they don’t understand they’re annoying you and assume everyone is like them and want to talk. When dealing with a Chatty Cathy, hold your ground with them by responding calmly and politely back to them that you don’t wanna chat with them but don’t become aggressive with them. Because you’re triggered by them and they know it. The trick with them is to cut their chitchat out dryly and calmly. There’s many variants to the predefined response I’ve given you here, just respond with something along those lines while maintaining your cool with them. That’s what I’ve been learning in therapy currently.
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