I really can't stand Relationships!


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Well, as an aesthetic self-centered asexual aromantic, I've no emotional attachment towards anyone else but myself. Thence why I find romantic relationships to be tedious, difficult and exhausting. I do enjoy a lot more being single than being in a relationship. Why? Because I feel nothing for another human being other than myself. Yes, I can see that a man or a woman is aesthetically beautiful, but it's like me looking at a beautiful thing and not a human being, thence not deserving my devotion, love and commitment. I have a dissociative cognitive disorder too, that might be why also I feel more connected to Mother Nature and animals. I love dogs and puppies a lot, I'm volunteering an hour daily at my local animal shelter to pet them, play with them, feed them and keep them company. I don't even notice others' existence at all. They're like non-existent in my eyes so yeah. I've been involved in many before, but have never enjoyed them at all. Having someone in my life is straining my freedom and independence for me personally. It's also torture, torment, suffocating and suffering for me IMPO. Just my 2 cents on it, that's all, please don't take it personal, thanks.
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