PC or console gaming?


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I don't get the appeal behind XBox, mostly because I'm a huge fan of consoles that have good exclusive and first party things. Like PS and Nintendo I like better personally.
Never been a fan of it either. It does have a lot of exclusives, some that are really popular (Halo), but they've never been enought to get me to want to play it.


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Backwards compatibility is what makes the Xbox the best out of the three IMO. You get access to a huge library of games, without the need of streaming. (PS Now only streams PS3 games to your console. Plus there's only a handful of PS2 titles you can play on the PS4, granted there's only a handful of original Xbox games you can play on the Xbox One. The Switch only has some original Nintendo and Super Nintendo games and only if you have a subscription to their online service...)


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I heard the XBox 2 has no exclusive games at launch.
Also, the Switch doesn't have backwards compatibility, but they have ports of almost all great Wii U games, and more new exclusives and amazing first party games that it doesn't really matter. I have a 3DS and I play my 3DS games on the 3DS. :p It would be be a bit weird to have 3ds games and Wii U games which are dependant on two screens to be on the Switch which has one screen.
Anyway, the online service is very cheap (I got it with Super Mario Maker 2), and they're adding more and more classic games, so hopefully we'll see Gamecube and N64 games soon. Like, backwards compatibility is great and all but I don't think it could carry a console to be better than it's competitors alone.


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Personally I rather dislike the Xbox One's interface. We should have kept our 1TB PS4 but we returned it. :(
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