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  1. zoldos

    is it real?

    I've fooled several people with it. I didn't even know it looked like that until I transferred it to the PC and cropped it just right. :)
  2. zoldos

    is it real?

    Do you see the effect tho? Like you're looking upward? :)
  3. zoldos

    Favorite TV Shows?

    We use Prime, Hulu, Impact+, WWE Network, Philo, Netflix, and a couple others and are still paying way less than cable or dish. :)
  4. zoldos

    Ravenfreak's Dream Log

    Very interesting! When did you dream this? I usually have pretty vivid dreams, and almost always remember them. :)
  5. zoldos

    Trump admin trying to cut SS Disability, Medicare

    I don't know much about politics, but I can tell when someone doesn't know what the fuck they are doing = Trump.
  6. zoldos

    is it real?

    If you like that one, you'll love this:
  7. zoldos

    is it real?

    Yes. I took it a long time ago with a digital camera and carefully cropped it. I fancy myself an amateur nature photographer. :)
  8. zoldos

    Your current Weather?

    Around 50F and wet!
  9. zoldos

    Neighbor’s Puppy

    Aww!!! That's a pretty pooch!
  10. zoldos

    Your sexual orientation?

    You sure flip flop a lot. hehe
  11. zoldos

    what was the last thing you drank?

    Pur filtered water.
  12. zoldos

    The last Thing you've Eaten?

    Burger King chicken fries hehe
  13. zoldos

    Ask ᵔᴥᵔWinter Bearᵔᴥᵔ

    haha I've seen all of those except for "Perfect Strangers". I thought Married with Children was 90's?
  14. zoldos

    PC or console gaming?

    Cool. Racers are fun on console. I prefer arcade racers over simulations.
  15. zoldos

    is it real?

    It's a photo of a reflection in a lake. :D
  16. zoldos

    Favorite TV Shows?

    Cool. I don't care for period dramas, altho my g/f does, esp. Asian ones. :D I want to check out "Picard". :D
  17. zoldos

    Hobby Gardening

    Yes we have a lots of space and permission from the landlord already. :)
  18. zoldos

    Love feeling free!

    This is on-line?
  19. zoldos

    The world is crappy

  20. zoldos

    Love feeling free!

    That wasn't a very long relationship. :(
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